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This site is dedicated to the descendants of Pierre Delavoye and Elisabeth Vadois, the second most important branch of the Lavoie's of North America, the other being that of the prolific Rene Delavoye and his wife Anne Godin. The relationship between Pierre Delavoye and Rene Delavoye is still unknown, but probably not related since the Lavoie name is a descriptive name much like "Smith" is. It simply means "of the road", or possibly king's road.

As much as this site is primarily focused on the Pierre DeLavoye descendants, it's also a major repository for the Whissell clan, ancestors of my mother, Aline Whissell. This site is probably the major genealogy website dealing with the WHISSELL (Whetsel, Wissel, Wetsel, Wesel, etc) name in Canada. At least I haven't come across any other website in Canada to compete with this one.

This site will also be in constant change, with additions that I will make, especially with the database, including all of the new information that will come from you. We will add family photos, places where our ancestors lived, etc. etc.

You will find errors on this site. That is inevitable, and together we can correct them. I will try to include as many notes, and sources as possible. Dates or place names of those still living will not be published in order to ensure your privacy. So I encourage you to come often. Surprises and discoveries await you.

If your direct Lavoie lineage connects with the first ancestor Pierre Delavoye, and you wish to join our "Honored Ancestors" group, don't be shy and send us your direct line with family pictures, and other information and I will add them to the Honored Ancestors category, all of the details in their respective generation timeline.

Our present group of collaborators include, yours truly from Orleans, Ontario, Jacqueline from Laval, and Micheline Lavoie Dussault. Don't be shy, come and join us.

Email me for any additions or corrections, or just to say hi!.

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Coat of Arms

A Bit of History
Notes on Pierre DeLavoye, the first settler
Notes on Pierre DeLavoye, first generation
Notes on Jean Delavoye, second generation
Notes on Jean-Baptiste Lavoye, third generation

Genealogy Databases
__ updated on the
8 August 2015.

While tracking down the descendants of Pierre Delavoye & Elisabeth Vadois, I've added a lot of Lavoie's who are not descendants of Pierre but belong to the Rene line, this because I hadn't found the connection to either one yet. Then once I find the connection, I can't bring myself to erase the data from the database because the information could be of use to those visiting this site.
Therefore, I've set up 2 databases.

The Main Database contains all of the data, including the entire Whissell family.
Main Database

The Lavoie Database contains only the Lavoie individuals and wives who are true descendants of Pierre Delavoye & Elisabeth Vadois.
Lavoie Database


Translation Service

If you find yourself with notary contracts, or any other French language documents that you would like transcribed and translated, please email me

My rates are "genealogically" reasonable, which means very cheap compared to professional translators. Will supply references if needed.


This section, is broken down into Lavoie and Whissell subsections, includes images of notarised documents such as Marriage Contracts, Land Concessions, Land Transfers, Inventories of Community Property, Court Proceedings, etc. You will find most of these transcribed in the direct lineages in the Honored Ancestors section.

    This is where we place all of the most important documents relating to our Lavoie descendants. They include all of the baptism, marriage, and burial entries found in parish registers as well as all other notarised acts that we can get our hands on. Yes we now have photos. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK EACH DIRECT LINE, EACH GENERATION TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ANCESTORS. And please, if you are part of OUR LINE, let us know, and share with us your treasures.

  1. Direct Ancestors of Paul-Antoine Lavoie from Orléans, Ontario
  2. Direct Ancestors of Micheline Lavoie of Pincourt, Québec
  3. Direct Ancestors of Jacqueline Lavoie of Laval, Québec
  4. Direct Ancestors of Winnifred Lavoie of Ottawa, Ontario
  5. Direct Ancestors of Frances Lavoie of Ottawa, Ontario
  6. Direct Ancestors of Robert Lavoie of Montreal, Quebec
  7. Direct Ancestors of Monique Lavoie of Montreal, Quebec
  8. Direct Ancestors of Denis Lavoie of Montreal, Quebec
  9. Direct Ancestors of Suzanne Lavoie, wife of Pierre Tremblay, of Montreal, Quebec

As you can see, quite a few of you have sent me your old family pictures. Do you have any to share with us? What are you waiting for? We would all love to see your family heirlooms. Send me your photos and I'll make it a point to add them on this website as your own family album. Only criteria is that you have to be a descendant of Pierre Delavoye or Zacharie or Barnabe Whissell.

Album Eugène Whissell - Valéda Champagne

Album Suzanne Whissell - Nord Ontario

Album Antoine Lavoie - Marie-Anna Pilon

Album Lucien Lavoie - Francoise Valiquette

Album Lucille Lavoie - Thomas Stokes

Album Victor Lavoie - Aline Whissell

The Lefebvre Family of Joliette Street

In the following photos it is possible to identify the people on the photo. Simply pass the cursor over the head of the individual you wish to identify. This function only works with Internet Explorer.

Class of 1938 - Lucien Lavoie and Maurice Whissell - Samuel Genest school, Eastview, Ontario
Class of 1943 - Lucien Lavoie and Maurice Whissell - Samuel Genest school, Eastview, Ontario
Wedding picture of William Whissell & Gertrude Pugin
Wedding picture of Claudette Lavoie & Gary Avery
Wedding picture of Winnifred Lavoie 6 October 1951
Antoine Lavoie hockey player 1909
Antoine-Abraham Lavoie 1855-1935
Marie-Louise Lavoie 1883-1906
Marie-Anne Pilon, couturiere 1913
Antoine Lavoie - Marie-Anne Pilon - 50th anniversary

Click on picture for full-size view

Thanks to Germaine Dyelle Cowan from Pembroke, Ont. for these Lavoie's of Fort Coulonge
Zephirin Belair - Caroline Lavoie(young)
Zephirin Belair - Caroline Lavoie(older)
George Lavoie-Marie Danis

Click on picture for full-size view

Thanks to Jacqueline Lavoie of Laval for these Lavoie photos of Montreal.
Alphonse Charette - Marie Lavoie
Marie Lavoie - Alphonse Charette
Anastasie Lortie and her son Aldéric Lavoie
Edmond Lavoie - Héléna Charbonneau
Daniel Lavoie - Yvonne Joly

Thanks to Micheline Dussault-Lavoie of Pincourt for these family photos from Montreal.
Marriage Jean-Guy Lavoie & Thérèse Tessier 1952
50'th anniversary marriage Lavoie-LallierMarcheterre 1939

Here are photographs of Lavoie tombstones taken from a few cemeteries. They are not necessarily about descendants of Pierre Delavoye. If you're a direct descendant of Pierre DeLavoye please send me photos of your family tombstones if you don't see them here and I'll add them to the site.

There is an excellent cemetery website for the Ottawa - Gatineau area as well as other cemeteries in Ontario and Quebec with headstone photos

  • Montébello, Québec
  • Notre-Dame, Hull
  • Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Ottawa
  • Papineauville, Québec
  • Plaisance, Québec
  • Pointe-Gatineau, Québec
  • St Alexandre, Québec
  • St Rédempteur, Hull
  • Ste-Rose de Laval
  • St-Martin de Laval
  • St-Sixte, Québec
  • VanKleek Hill, Québec

  • Whissell tombstone pictures taken from various cemeteries. If you have tombstone pictures of Whissells that you don't see here, please send them to me and I'll add them to the site.

  • Buckingam, Québec
  • Chénéville, Québec
  • St-Alexandre, Gatineau, Qué;bec
  • Montébello, Québec
  • Notre-Dame, Hull
  • Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Ottawa
  • Papineauville, Québec
  • Plaisance, Québec
  • Pointe-Gatineau, Québec
  • Ripon, Québec
  • St-André-Avellin, Québec
  • St Alexandre, Québec
  • St-Jean-Marie Vianney, Gatineau
  • St Rédempteur, Hull
  • St-Sixte, Québec

  •  Ottawa Citizen  Le Droit (Ottawa)  Le Journal de Montréal

    Wilfrid (Ti-Pit) Lavoie - submitted by Barbara Wilson-Nolan, granddaughter

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